Monday, March 12, 2012

Book Review: We Lived in Heaven by Sarah Hinze

We Lived in Heaven by Sarah Hinze is a compilation of various experiences dealing with before birth experiences. Accounts of families encounters with children yet to be born.

I strongly believe that this is something that happens more than is known. I have even had some experiences with my own children before they came to this earth. I even had some very wonderful experiences with those of my children I would not be privileged to raise at this time because they were too perfect for this world, whom I miscarried. All they needed was to receive their bodies and move on to do the sacred work of our Father in Heaven in the spirit world. I look forward to the chance to raise them later in my life when the Savior is on the earth during the Millennium.

I felt the spirit of Sarah Hinze stories as she testified of being privileged to know her children before they came to earth. To see that they come fully loaded with their own personalities. I have witnessed this very thing with my own children and they are very much the same now as they were when they revealed things about themselves to me before I was able to hold them and raise them. I felt my belief in life before life reinforced as the spirit bore witness to me once more of the truth of the fact that we lived before we came to live with our families here on earth.

In addition to her own stories, she lovingly brought other beautiful accounts of others who have also had the chance to know of their children and even at times their spiritual escorts as well. They help testify of the life we held so dear before we came for our earthly mission. They are meant to inspire and uplift and comfort. They are sometimes short and sweet other times longer, but still the spirit testifies we lived before through out the different accounts.

I too have had the privilege of similar experiences when I miscarried two of my nine children. My son nine years ago, and my precious little daughter just this past December. My heart swelled with love for them and the understanding that they love me as I love them and are waiting for me with other loved ones on the other side of the veil. That they lived secure in the pre-existence and have moved to the life beyond to reside with their grandfathers and others who have left this existence and reside in the spirit world with them.

My testimony of the premortal life was strengthened and reaffirmed from reading these stories.

You can purchase your copy here and visit Sarah's website here.