Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Book Review: Darkspell by Elizabeth Mueller

Darkspell By Elizabeth Mueller is a young adult paranormal romance, and let me tell you it is one to pick up and read!

Darkspell is about an average everyday girl named Winter who is looking forward to starting her senior year in high school. Then she dreams of kissing an amazing boy, and upon the rude awakening of her brother, she discovers that very hot, delicious boy named Alex has just moved into her favorite old empty house. And boy what a fabulous surprise. She finds every excuse to hang out there, and soon finds that her heart is fast approaching being lost to him.

Little does Winter know that along the way to losing her heart that there is so much more to Alex than she can imagine, that Alex is her protector, and that he wants to be sure that she is kept safe from the things she doesn't understand. That like Winter he is losing his heart to her as well.

But then niether Alex or Winter anticipate the way Alex's brother Jareth mixes things up. And if that isn't enough, Winter notices things about Alex and his family that are a little off the beaten path. Things that they shouldn't be able to do that they can, and she embarks on a path to discover what it is that makes them so different. But little does Winter know that along that path are dark and dangerous things that slide in to take her off guard and throw unexpected impossible events into her life. And most unexpected of all is what she discovers about herelf.

Darkspell wove a spell around me and kept me wondering what was going to happen next. Who would be left standing at the end, and who would ultimately win Winter's heart. It was filled with sinister evil and extra ordinary events that took my breath away and at times made my stomache drop in anticipation. I loved how every character in Elizabeth's Darkspell was able to intice me to fall for them. Ok, all but one, but hey you aren't supposed to love the bad guy.

I loved going into the alternate worlds created in Darkspell and the way the characters evolved and expressed who they were so intrinsically that you felt you knew them. You knew their hearts, and their desires. I also really loved all the unexpected surprises. Not to mention the out of this world illustrations drawn by Elizabeth herself.

I found that I was waiting, wondering what would happen to the end, who would truimph ultimately, who would still be standing and who would rise above the ashes so to speak. I really loved Darkspell with all its glorious magic and mysterious mystical events. I didn't want it to end and once you pick up Darkspell and begin reading it, niether will you.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry and get your copy of Darkspell by clicking here and here and you can learn more about the talented and amazing Elizabeth by clicking on her website here. You can also find Elizabeth at Goodreads here and on twitter here.

And don't forget to keep your eye out for the sequel to Darkspell coming soon!

Disclaimer: while I do sometimes recieve copies of books to review, my opinions are and will always remain my own.


Elizabeth Mueller said...

Debbie, what a wonderful review! I love it! *hugs*

Jeannie Campbell, LMFT said...

just checking in on elizabeth's blog stop tours before i do my own! great review debbie!

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