Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A glimpse into my work in progress

I am doing a really fun thing with a few other writers where we post a little bit about our  work in progress to share what we are creating during all those hours spent on our laptops. So here are some questions I will answer and then at the end I am going to tag five other writers who will also share what they are working on with these same questions. So sit back, kick your feet up, and enjoy a sneak peak to the inside of my mind.
What is the working title of your book?  "Abby Leigh", although it will not be the final title, this is the one I am using to write my first draft. But I think it will end up being "Stalker's Rules".
Where did the idea come from for the book? I don't know really, I brain stormed with my writing partners and they took my idea and made it fantastic. The idea for Abby Leigh just popped into my head and I needed to write it. I just liked the idea of a girl running and trying to escape her past but being forced to confront it head on.
What genre does your book fall under? I would say it falls under romantic suspense.
Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition? Oh wow, I need to think about that one a bit.  I never imagined them as anyone but themselves. I don't think at this stage I want to put a different name or face on them than who they already are in my imagination. They are very solid in my mind and I don't want to change that by using actors. So as for now, I don't want to name names on this one just yet.

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book? When Abby came home from work, the last thing she expected was her ex to try and kill her, she's been running ever since.
Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency? I don't know. I think ether way would be great. I just want to be published period. If that means making a go at self-publishing then I will.  If it get an agent and get to be published that way, then yippee! I think both scenarios could be a win.
How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? I started the first draft of "Abby Leigh"  about 8 months ago in between being a mom to 7 great kids, teaching fitness classes and pretending to keep up on my house and I am  still a few scenes shy of finishing my first draft.
What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?  Some authors I think are great at manufacturing suspense are Christina Dodd, Rachael Gibson, Susan Anderson, and Teresa Medieros. They know how to sprinkle in the humor and keep you biting your nails at the same time.  I hope that is how others see my work.
Who or What inspired you to write this book? The love of writing and sitting on the edge of your seat made me want to try a suspense and see if I could keep the reader guessing to the end. I think this story has always tried to come to life and was waiting for me to realize it as it waited to be  freed by pen and paper.
What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest? There are all kind of funny situations to make things exciting, as the characters try to figure things out. They will get you laughing, sitting on the edge of your seat and wondering how it all ends. And lots of tension and chemistry.

That is a little peek into one of the books I am working to be published. Here are some of my writer friends who you can also see and follow how their work in progress is coming along. Just click on the links below and you will get to see some amazing authors and get a glimpse into their creative minds. I know you will love them as much as I do!
 I tagged some of my author friends. Click on the links below to see what they have up their sleeves. If they aren't up yet, give them a few days to answer the questions I just sent them.

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Nichole Giles said...

I love that picture! And also I love knowing about your work in progress. Hurry up and finish this draft so you can get moving with this thing!

Debbie Davis said...

thanks nichole I am working on it!! =0) And thanks for playing =0)