Friday, November 16, 2012

Book Review: Created by Cindy Hogan

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Created by Cindy Hogan is the third installment in her fast paced exciting Watched series about the continuing turn of events that changed the lived of Christy and her friends. She is still getting used to her new name and now a new school far away from family as she and her friends in similar circumstances face some major decisions about their lives none of which lead them back to where it all started. Not that they necessarily want that. Created is a story about choice and what it means to become who you were always meant to be. It is about having the courage to go forward in spite of uncertainty and knowing you will be stronger for it. And it is one fun thrill ride for the taking. One that leaves you hoping for more when you finish the last page.

Cindy sucks you into her world on page one and keeps you on a wild twisty ride to the end. She makes the words leap of the page and come to life and keeps you wondering what happens next. What a fun adventure. It is definitely one you don't want to miss!

A spy school.
A choice.
A destiny discovered.


With The Witness Protection Program failing to keep Christy safe, she is sent to Belgium to hide in a spy school. While there, test scores reveal her true abilities and the director wants her to become a spy. Once the terrorists back home are all caught, and the danger gone, she is forced to make the decision to either go home and live a normal teen life or use her gifts and become a spy.

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"Created is Mission: Impossible meets Bourne Identity, only better because Christy is just seventeen." -RaShelle Workman, author of Exiled

"Unique, suspenseful, and hard to predict." -E. Baker, reviewer

"Be prepared to spend the entire day doing nothing but reading because once you start Created, you won't want to put it down!" -C. Anderson, reviewer

"A remarkable balance between adventure and romance, leaving you hungry for more." -L. Sears, reviewer

Hogan has the ability to tap into the fantasies of those who crave change in their lives and satisfy the desire for a more exciting alternate identity." -Liz Sears, reviewer

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