Monday, August 2, 2010

I survived my first time ever as a guest blogger

I feel like I am growing up as a writer and in the world of blogging. My very first time as a guest blogger dropped today and being so new at blogging in general it was sort of intimidating. . I am a guest this week on the Blogck. It went up today. You can see it at

I write about staying committed to yourself and the challenges that you can be faced with and over coming them. I am excited about it and have to say I have been totally nervous all week long. Wondering what I committed my self too and would I be good enough to be posted along side so many experienced bloggers.

But now it is here with a lot of help from my friend Ali Cross later, I managed to pull it off. I learned all kinds of great things along the way. Like how to transfer html, and get pictures to go where you want them to in your blog. I learned how to add fun little things called widgets. I also learned that there are lots of people willing and happy to help you along the way to becoming a seasoned blogger, writer and book reviewer. They are friends who reach down to pull you up to the level they are on.

And if you falter? They are there to catch you too.

I feel more confident and sure of myself now. I know my way around the blogging world a little better than I did before, and I found how fun it was. And now that I know what I am doing, I look forward to the next time. Don't get me wrong, there is still a lot I need to learn, but I know that there will be friends along the way to help me figure it all out.

Thanks Ali for giving me this chance to be a guest blogger. And for being there for the journey.

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Rebecca Blevins said...

You did a great job, too! Blogland can be a scary place, but you meet so many nice people. :)

I figured out what was up with my being able to leave comments, hooray!