Saturday, February 5, 2011

Yes I am a Ninja!!

I am a Ninja! What does that mean? That I can do cool funky martial arts? You know it! Kick boxing and bowing to a sensai in a dojo? ABSOLUTELY! Chasing hidden warriors in the light of the moon, waiting with eyes dilated and ears open for any slight movement, relying on my inner instinct to know when I am about to be attacked. YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT! I do those things, I can take some one down in a fight if I have to, I have worked hard to teach others to kick butt and teach them to yell from their gut a resounding HIYA! Soothing, energy filled, and tension relief all in one. But that is not what I mean when I say I am a ninja.

I am a ninja in that I am now a part of Feb NiNoWriMo. I am joining in with other ninjas, writing ninjas to accomplish a goal. The goal to keep writing in my book, to get it finally finished, so I can work on edits. So the way I plan to use my mighty stealth and slay some major word counts and move steadily ever closer to finishing my manuscript, is to write everyday, to work toward a min of 1000 word a day word count. And if I am a mighty warrior with words and get more done and write 5000 words in a day, I will bow to my sensai (Ali Cross) and bow to my dojo at and say thank you my honorable sensai for teaching me the ways of words and writing with a warrior spirit. Now I must be off to slay the word dragons and bring honor to those who have taught me to show my fighting prowess with a determination to not fail and bow to them as I leave to honor my promise and kick some major writing butt!

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ali cross said...

Ha! That was awesome! Best ninja post, EVER!