Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Book Review: Modern Sorcery By Gary Jonas

Today I get to review Modern Sorcery By Gary Jonas. I really enjoyed this book, it hooked me hard and fast and I couldn't stop reading it.


When Private Investigator Jonathan Shade's ex-lover walks into his Denver office asking him to prove her father didn't commit the murder that dozens of witnesses saw and security cameras captured, Shade finds himself in the thick of magical intrigue. In a world where evil warlocks refuse to die, magically engineered assassins deal merciless death and ancient myths aren't quite so mythical, only Shade and his sexy partner, Kelly, can stop a power-hungry sorcerer from taking over the world.

Too bad Shade doesn't have any magic.

My thoughts

I loved Modern Sorcery by Gary Jonas! I couldn't put it down once I started. I read all night long and then I borrowed my friend's kindle to finish it the next day since I didn't want to lug my lap top with me everywhere I needed to go. But I would have if necessary. I didn't want to stop reading, I had to find out what happened next!

There was a ton of great action, lots of funny banter, an amazingly evil villain, (Gotta love those) and a handsome, butt-kicking, dynamic hero. (Gotta love those even more!) But then let's not forget the unexpected twists and turns and laugh out loud moments that ease the tension at just the right time. I want more Jonathan Shade and Kelly Chan fight scenes and interaction and quick shots at each other I just couldn't get enough.

I thought the mix of magic and mythology was blended masterfully. The plot and sub plots pulled you along page by page and it was easy to be caught up in Jonathan's world. Character development was three dimensional and you felt as if you knew each one personally. I want to know what happens next for Sharon, Kelly, Ester and Jonathan, I want to know how the magical world collides with mythology and the mundane world in the next book, I just want more!

Modern Sorcery read so fast and the details were so vivid that it was as if it all played out in real life before me. I was surprised by the ending that I didn't see coming, and didn't want the story to end. I look forward with great anticipation to more Modern Sorcery adventures in this exciting new series, and can't wait for more of Jonathan Slade's action packed punches with his unique touch of sly humor.

You can get your copy of Modern Sorcery by Gary Jonas by clicking here to get the ebook, paper back copies will be available in Oct. Hurry you don't want to miss out on the adventure!

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