Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Book Review: The Recruit By Cindy Grantham Brown

The Recruit by Cindy Grantham Brown is a fictionalized story of a very real event in Cindy's life that will completely blow you away and keep you turning pages wondering how things are going to end. It is a story that stays with me even now along with amazing strength and ability to survive the harrowing life-threatening experiences Jess experieced inside  The Recruit. I still find myself saying Wow!

I even asked my husband do motor cycle gangs really do that kind of thing? And he said yes they do, they  take people who are kept in the dark to what they plan to do as a way of recruiting and intitiating members. It fascinating to see the events inside The Recruit unfold, you see it all unfold before you but know you can't stop it and then your mind wraps itself around the whole idea that this re. I was caught up in the story and the events that took place.  The book blurb is enough to get your interest as the story unfolds it is impossible to put the book down in the quest to discover how things end.

Book Blurb:
Jess Talbot has already seen sorrow in her young life. Now one bad decision will destroy her dignity – will she also pay with her life?

At the age of twenty-one she is recovering from the breakup of her marriage. In an effort to get back into the social scene she hangs out at a Memphis, Tennessee park along with other rebellious teens and young adults. Here she meets her newest friend, Lisa Burns, who likes to party and hang out with bad boy bikers. Vulnerable and na├»ve, Jess goes with Lisa to a Kentucky Motocross Rally for the weekend – which turns out to be anything but the fun, safe weekend she had imagined.

Unknown to Jess, Lisa is an initiate into a biker gang, the worst of its kind. Her job is to find that special girl who will be this year’s
RECRUIT. Will Jess figure out what dangers are prepared for her? Will she be forever scarred by her devastating decision to spend the weekend with Lisa and her friends? Will she escape or will the results be deadly for Jess…

Through the Grace of God, Cindy Grantham Brown survived the devastating events that this story is based upon. She now tells the fictionalized tale in the hopes that others will never have to face the possibility she did – that of a horrible and painful death, murder at the hands of an evil biker gang.

My take again:
I found Jess's indomitable spirit remarkable in the midst of terror as she struggles to fully comprehend what happened to her. She starts to put peices together and stragegizes her escape, never letting the events unfolding around her drag her down.

I love Chad's inner conflict as he fights his rising feelings for Jess as they stand in direct conflict with the job he needs to accomplish as an under cover cop.  Cindy's wrote  ability  these events in such a way that the reader wanted to know what happened next.

In addition the romance that develops between Jess and Chad is sweet but becomes part of the puzzle if their growing feelings for eachother will survive the overwhelming events placed before them.

Inspite of a few  grammatical and editing errors easy to over look, the reader was drawn fully into the intrigue of the story. Decisions made with dire consequenses leave the reader on the edge hoping for the best.

I would highly recommend The Recruit as a fast paced absorbing read that will keep you wondering what happens next. To get your copy click here or here. You will learn things about motorcycle gangs and how they work that you never thought imagainable, and see how corruption can be layered  into  multi-levels of intrigue and how one girl finds the ability to rise above it all.


Donna said...

Wow, sounds like quite a story. And creepy that it's based on a true story!

Unknown said...


Thank you for taking the time to read my story, THE RECRUIT and your comments are appreciated more than you could know.
I joined your blooger page.

Debbie Davis said...

thanks cindy and donna the book is really quite absorbing, it draws you in and you just need to know what happens next

Unknown said...

LOL... Debbie, it appears I need a good editor just to post a comment. I didn't spell Blogger correctly. How funny. Sorry about that.

Cami Checketts said...

Sounds like a great read. Thanks for the review. I'll go check out the book now.