Sunday, August 19, 2012

Book Review: Finding Faith by Terri Ferran

Finding Faith  by Terri Ferran is about a girl named Kit who moved from California right before her senior year to Logan Utah. A place way different than what she is used to as far as culture is concerned. They have their own lingo and way of doing things that is foreign in many ways to Kit.

She takes part time classes at Utah State University where her father teaches, and is in high school part time. And finding friends isn't as easy as she thought it would be. Kit wanders around the mall and meet a girl with lots of energy, and then that leads her to meeting Janet. The girl who would become her best friend. And to make it better she sees a hot guy that she wonders about.

Things begin to look up when Janet invites Kit to her house. She learns that they are LDS and that they  have a deep belief and abiding faith in God. Kit isn't even sure God exists. But this doesn't stop her friendship with Janet from growing strong. At Janet's house a great discovery is made, Janet is related to the smoking hot guy she saw, and she is introduced to him. His name is Justin.

Justin and Kit hit it off and Kit finds herself spending more and more time with Janet's family. She feels like she belongs. As things progress in the story, Kit is challenged at every point in what she believes and learns that this faith that Janet's family has is hard to figure out. But in stages she begins to understand what it is that makes the Bridger family so fabulous.

Finding Faith is a story about new beginnings, learning how strong you can be in the most difficult and unexpected of circumstances and and finding faith. It is a love story that is sweet  and wonderful and a story of deep and abiding friendship. I found myself laughing, crying and wondering what Kit's decisions would be in the face of trials. It is about learning to trust and letting go.

Finding Faith, strengthened my own faith, just by the way Terri told the story. She was able to pull on the great strength having faith lends. I found myself wanting to write things down to remember the way the Bridger family helped Kit through the toughest times of her life. I found in many cases her lessons became my big reminders, and I felt comfort and peace and the spirit speak to me as my own faith grew. I am so glad I got to read this book that shows in such a beautiful way the depth and beauty of the gospel and how it changed the life a girl who did not have it in her own.

I know you won't want to miss the chance to read Finding Faith by Terri Ferran. I know that anyone who reads this book will have their own testimony strengthened in the truths of the gospel. I know that the spirit will testify to those who read this book, the truth of what it contains.

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