Thursday, August 23, 2012

Book Review: Having Hope by Terri Ferran

Having Hope by Terri Ferran picks up where Finding Faith lets off and is the second book in Terri Ferran's trilogy.  It is a contemporary LDS  romantic fiction . At the beginning, Kit is still anxiously waiting for her missionary Adam Bridger to come home. She is firmly entrenched in the Bridger family and her faith in the gospel is growing stronger and her faith is solid in spite of the trauma she endured, she is healing. She is still working through the circumstances of her adoption and she is trying to figure things out for herself.  She is missing Janet, but meets new friends that pull her in different directions. One of which lead her across the world to work with the orphans in Romania as a part of her schooling. She is torn between going as she feels prompted and leaving Adam after he just returns from his mission.

With Adam's support she travels across the world and while she is gone, things back home begin to go awry as unexpected things happen in Romania. During this time Kit has to rely on her testimony and develop hope for herself and her future as parts of her life begin to unravel.

Having Hope is written with the same wonderful gospel teachings and insights that create a deeper sense of testimony in the reader, and helps expand understanding of gospel principles. I loved this books message that through all the tough times no matter how hard they are that having hope will always help you through

I really enjoyed Having Hope and seeing further development and growth in the characters as they meet thier individual challenges and find the ability to overcome. It was fun feeling like you were revisiting old friends.

Book Blurb
After being reunited with Adam Bridger, the missionary she waited for for two long years, Kit Matthews experiences feelings she cannot ignore promptings that take her halfway around the world.
The strong connection she feels with orphans in Romania because of her own abandonment at birth draws Kit to Romania where she meets a Romanian medical student, Marcel and when Kit challenges Marcel to learn about the gospel, she has no idea of the doors she has opened.
After learning of some disturbing news at home, Kit struggles to have hope that God is mindful of His children, and must decide between creating a new life in Romania and returning to repair her life in America.

You can get your copy of Having Hope  on Amazon by clicking here.  And click here to see it on good reads. Your testimony will be strengthened along with your hope for things to come.

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Gayle said...

Thanks for the review! I've enjoyed following this blog tour and reading several different reviews of this series -- they have all been very positive. I'm looking forward to reading the books as well!