Tuesday, August 14, 2012

when distractions get in the way

Ever feel like there are a million and one things to distract you from what you want most? That sometimes it is that very thing that ends up with the least amount of attention as everything else demands you to give it first priority?

I feel like that now. I want to finish my work in progress, to say YES!! I finally finished it, and to be honest, all I truly need is about 10 uninterrupted days to finish it. But right now, it seems like those 10 dedicated days of writing is a fantasy.

School just went back into session for my kids, so the last week or so, I have run to every store in the Denver Metro area seeking school supplies for my kids going to school here from elementary to High School. Then getting all the millions of forms filled out, not to mention helping with homework, lunch shopping and all the driving. And this year as an added bonus we get to have the benefit of school prep spreading from 5 am to at times 10 am. It is really quite insane, and that is just the getting ready and dropping off schedules. Pick up is just the opposite, and when games start... well, you get the picture.

Throw into the mix, teaching group exercise classes.... which is awesome!! But time consuming. And  trying to balance classes with my families always changing schedules, and then add in a dash of reviewing and editing and life can be very full. Oh and I almost forgot... trying to clean my house out. I think that is a lost cause and only a nuclear bomb will have any effect at this point. Ha!

But there are the distractions, when life gets even more harrowing. Little crazy stresses that can slowly drive you batty. Tugs on time and money and other resources like... um sleep. Since I seem to have only the time when everyone is sleeping now to write. But then I'm sleepy too, and my brain gets a little fuzzy.

But when I do get the time to escape into my own world, when I get to let my fingers soar across the keyboard as a story comes to life under my fingers, it is heaven. I love it. I feel free of all of the crazie little things that pull me away. It's just finding those minutes to truly create an entirely new world. It is worth all the distractions to get to that.

Now if I could just figure out a good way to manage my time. I used to be awesome at it when I was in college and before I had seven kids. I'm not quite sure what happened along the way.

Anyone out there have any ideas on how to get past distractions? I'd love to hear what you have to say about how you deal with them! =0)

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