Thursday, October 20, 2011

Birthday Month Is Now Over

What is Birthday Month? In our house it is the time between Sept 16 and Oct 17. Why is that? Because in our family we have 4 birthdays in that time. My youngest Camilla turned 8 on the 16th of Sept. My oldest son, Michael turned 18 on the 26th of Sept. My oldest daughter Breanna, turned 21 on the 6th of Oct. And my second oldest son Christian turned 16 on the 17th of Oct. It is a crazy time that leads into the holidays, but it is fun too!

And in the middle of it all our youngest daughter decided to get baptized into our church too, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Yes! I am a Mormon.

So that meant that we got to have my two oldest children fly home to be with us and have the entire family together, my mom even came. It was wonderful, and way to short at the same time. Only 3 days. But I will take 3 days with all 7 of my living children together every chance I get!

Even though birthday month is over, it is still time to look forward to celebrations that are coming up. There is Halloween that leads right into Nanowrimo, (for writers), then Thanksgiving and Christmas. I get the chance to sit back and see my wonderful children and know I am so happy to have such a great family. And to tie it all in and make it even more wonderful is the knowledge tath I get to share it everything my amazing hubby of 23 years, Brent.

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