Saturday, October 1, 2011

Book Review: The Alias by Mandi Tucker Slack

The Way I See It:The Alias by Mandy Slack was a fast paced story about a lady name Jayce Grayson who is forced to go into hiding to protect both herself and her young son from her ex-husband. As if that isn't enough, FBI agents show up at her door one day asking her about her ex-husband business dealings and her part int it. Concerned that if the FBI can find her, then her ex-husband can, she makes a desperate move to take on someone else's identity and steps into life as them in order to buy some time.

Little did Jayce realize the deep impact the loving, welcoming LDS family has on her heart and her conscience. And for the first time in her life she feels accepted and part of a real family. Guilt builds inside her as a result of her deception, but she can't help but notice that her withdrawn and sullen son is perking back to life and acting like any nine year old boy should. She finds peace and a sense of security in the open arms of the McCoy's.

And then things begin to narrow as Jacey must find a way ensure her son's safety even if it means the possibility of her own death, she will do whatever is necessary to protect him. And she must rely on others to help her, something she doesn't do well.

I found this story to be fun and filled with unexpected dips and turns. Some things caught me off guard and at times I was worried and really afraid for the outcome of the characters and wondered how things would all end. I really couldn't be 100% sure until the end of the story. I loved the build in tension as Mandi weaves all the player's parts together through a timeline of events that lead to the surprising conclusion.

I liked how Mandi handled the delicate subject of an abused spouse in hiding. The way this story reveals what happened and how Jayce learned to stand for herself in the face of someone who once held great trust in her heart was wonderfully done. I came away from this story with such hope when Jacey was able to find strength within herself to do what she needed to do no matter the cost to herself. That she was more than she ever realized and that growth is shown through Jacey's emotions and how she is able to confront demons from her past head on.

I loved the way you felt the countdown race to the climax and a sense of not knowing the outcome for sure, made the race that much more desperate.

I enjoyed watching the different journeys of side characters as they learn great things about them selves and the strength they have to over come their darkest hours. I loved seeing that magnificence inside them shine and blossom through the course of the book.

This adventurous story is a story is a clean read that I recommend to children 11 and older, because of some of the descriptions of violent events that occur with the main character.

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Canda said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Debbie.

Mandi Tucker Slack said...

Thank you for your kind words! Your review was very much appreciated!

Mandi Slack :)

Donna said...

I've added it to my to-read list.

Unknown said...

Loved the book. Enjoyed your review.