Monday, July 4, 2011

blogging and writing goal

I must make a confession. One that I think was a long time in coming, and quite frankly one I need to admit to myself. My daughter Danielle has out blogged me! She has laid down the gauntlet and shown me up quite a bit!

Not only is she having the best fun of her life traveling through Europe, but she also started her blog in May and has written in it just about everyday since then all while traveling all over Europe. Sure it is an assignment while she studied abroad this summer,and ya it's required, but really that doesn't matter. She has blogged her heart out! What I have I done while she's been gone? Well, read her blog of course How could I not?? But certainly not blogging myself.

Dani has had some pretty great adventures and have to say she has shown me that I have been making blogging way harder than it needs to be. Maybe it's because so many of my Friends are soo good at it, that I feel like it's tough to keep up at their level, but really now I see it was just an excuse. That if my amazing daughter can show me up in a heartbeat, then maybe I need to get on the ball, and show her that I can keep up. Or at least make an honest attempt.

I used to wonder how all my friends managed it, how they were able to blog so much, but now I think I am going to challenge myself to blog like they do! I am going to take the month of July and blog it like I've never blogged before! OK, not everyday, but I will commit to at least three times a week! I will attempt to blog everyday from here out, but since July started um 3 days ago, I sort of missed that particular boat. But blogging I will do from here on out.

I hope to gain a few more followers and I hope to learn something more about myself and what I can accomplish, because I am also going to add a writing goal for my novel here too. I will write at least 15 pages a week. No less and I will come back on Sunday to report my results of blogging and writing.

Hey I have to be accountable to myself somehow, and since I have been a pretty big bump on a log lately, not motivated to do much more than find ways to avoid everything I love to do, I am kicking my own butt. And giving all my friends to kick it along with me!! If you want to add your butt kicking motivation to the comments... please please go for it!! Heaven knows I really Really REALLY need it!

I need to get back to the land of the living instead of wallowing in the land of the forgotten and feeling lost all the time while I wander aimlessly(metaphorically speaking) all over the place getting absolutely nothing accomplished. So here I go, with the first entry! Keep your fingers crossed that I will accomplish what I am setting out to do! I think it will be really cathartic and get me back on track, and moving forward like I need to!!

So here it goes!! Let the fun begin!! The Official Goals for July : 1) blog at least 3 times a week, everyday if possible 2) Increase my followers and maybe break 100 if really lucky! 3) write 15 pages of Into The Crimson Sun every week! 4) Report progress on goals truthfully every Sunday.


Tristi Pinkston said...

Kick! Kick! :)

Might I make a suggestion? Blog twice a week, and spend the rest of the time working on your book. Sometimes we can use up so much time blogging that we don't make the progress we should on our actual writing.

Janna said...

Debbie! I had no idea you had a blog, I'm excited to follow and read!


. said...

You can do it! No, really, You can!

kbrebes said...

The writing world is overwhelming. Write, read, critique, study, blog, facebook, twitter, conference, network, comment,book launch, review, self-publish, market, platform...need I go on?

I think the important thing for us is to write a good story, to be active in a critique group, and blog when we feel inspired. Critiquing helps our writing because we learn from helping others and we learn from reading what others think of our work. Everything we do should be built on making our story better. ---Here comes the butt-kicking you asked for---so if you blog, then IMHO whatever you blog about should be helping your story and helping you learn to be a better writer. It doesn't matter if you don't get 5000 followers if your story never makes it.

I think we've all been unbalanced and stressed out. At some point in time, each one of us has to kick out some things we just can't do and concentrate on the most important things to kick off our career--if that's what we really want--to publish. So, I say, write that story and only spend your time on things that will make you a better writer and make your story you don't burn out. For me, it's choosing only the top three or four things that will make me better: write, read, critique, study...and only blog and go on facebook/twitter/etc when inspiration takes me there!

Maybe it's just about finding out what your own plan is for you. : )

Good luck!



Peggy Eddleman said...

Sounds like some awesome goals! I'll go ahead and add my own butt kicking motivation. And I'll help you out with the follower goal by clicking on follow myself. :)

Taffy said...

Good luck! You've set good goals!

Amy said...

may be that you find some inspiration there....