Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Today is a Marvelous Day!!

Why is today so darned marvelous you ask?? Why indeed!!! There is one very important reason, and that is today is the day I get to see my daughter Danielle! Big deal you may think to your self. But it really is a big deal, at least it is to me and her Dad and her brothers and sisters. Today is the day that she comes home from being gone after being practically unreachable for the last seven weeks while she has been on her study abroad program for school.

But with today's modern world and all the technology around us, it would be easy to keep in touch with her even with her being half way around the world right?? But you would be surprised! Even though our cell phones have unlimited texting, they are useless in Europe, so two forms(text and calls) of communication...GONE! Unless I want to pay a million dollars and call long distance the old fashion way.

Ok you say, well, there is always Skype. That is better than texting anyway, because you get to see the person you are talking to and it's like they are right there with you. And yes that is very true, but if your computer is older than dirt, and your laptop doesn't have that capability, then in essence you are screwed! So, another option bites the dust!!

Email, you say!! Use it, that is a great way to keep in touch! And your right, it would be, if she ever answered my emails!! UGH!!

And Snail mail! Not enough! I got one post card the whole time she was gone!

Then there is facebook. Thank Heavens for social media options! It saved my life, and kept me from going crazy! I was able to IM her!! Yahoo!! But wait...there was a huge hitch! That was trying to catch her when she was on, and adjust for the 7 to 8 hour difference. But she did put pictures up, and I got to see her still form having the time of her life. And I could leave her a post to let her know I missed her.

And the thing that kept me sane of all, was her daily assignment to post on her blog! With a required 5 pictures to be posted. I got to read where she went, and see what she did, and her friends she made and keep up on her adventures in England, Ireland, France, Spain and Italy. I got to see the beauty of Europe and know she was having a wonderful time and was very very happy. I am so glad that her professors made this a requirement,and I believe it was more for us, at home, than for those on Study Abroad.

But tonight is best of all! She gets off the plane at 9:30 and I get to hold her and hug her to death. I get to see all the millions of pictures she took and hear about the stories not posted! I am sooo excited I can hardly stand it. I am just so glad that she didn't go to Europe back when all these communication options were just a thing of the imagination, and letters and super expensive phone calls were all that was available. Thank Heaven for all that modern technology brings to us!!

Well, I'm off to do a happy dance and hold my anticipation in check! She comes home today!! It is the most marvelous day of all!!

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Peggy Eddleman said...

Even though I don't know you in person, I am so excited for you! Isn't social media great? How did our parents ever handle raising us without it?