Saturday, July 9, 2011

Let it Rain!!

Currently, in the fine state of Colorado, where I live, we have had a few gushing rainstorms, and I have wondered as the rain blew sideways and hit me with the gale force of a monsoon soaking me to the skin in a flash, am I in the right place or did I some how get transported to some tropical island where things like this are the norm? They have truly been a sight to behold, magestic in their power and awesome in thier abiltiy to transform.

But it is Colorado after all, an extention of the desert. Sure there are mountains and we have snow, but lots of rain and flash floods with water pooling in some places five feel high has never happened in the years I've lived here. Not that it doesn't bring its own brand of excitement and entertainment. My kids have soaked their clothes and played in the rain thoroughly exhilarated at the prospect of running through the gutters at the side of the road splashing to their hearts content loving every minute of it!

But I have to admit that seeing the trees blow sideways and and the rain pour off my roof and then later my car as I was driving, I was surprised by the power behind it all.

But the thing is, no matter how hard the rain storm, there is always a rainbow at the end. A beautiful portrayal of color splashed across the sky. Signaling new beginnings and things washed clean and turned new once more. It is a beautiful thing to know that there is renewal in the rain. A chance for a fresh start, or even a hint of some new beginning that lets you grow and brings a resurgence of life. The birds sing sweetly in the air, the sun sends its golden rays down to dispel the darkness and the water brings life both to the world and in as sense to our spirits, refreshing us and reminding us that everything gets a chance to start over again.

I like the idea of fresh starts and new chances. When life weighs you down, it can pick you up when you least expect it and send a resurgence of hope and faith and excitement for what life may hold for you right around the corner. I have decided that sometimes it all really boils down to a decision. A choice to make your life better, to believe it can be. To turn from the old and embrace the new opportunities and creative expressions waiting to be discovered. That sometimes all we need to begin again, is make the decision, to begin again. It's that easy. And as with the rain bring refreshing moisture and cool breezes and even sometimes a raging storm, they all work to bring a cl easing, whether of the earth or the soul, it can be one and the same it relates to the decisions to move forward and embrace the future with all the excitement it can bring.

So I say, let it rain. Open the heavens and let it pour on down, because in the cleansing comes the new beginnings, the fresh starts and then creativity on so many fascinating levels!


Brent Wescott said...

I've always loved watching the thunderstorms as they roll out east. One of the unsung beauties of Colorado.

Peggy Eddleman said...

Yay for rainstorms! Even when it means plans are canceled or changed, and even when it's too bad to hang out on the porch and enjoy. Not only do they mean I don't have to water my lawn myself, but the pretty rainbow! You're right-- it makes the rainstorm totally worth it.